The aftermath of a breakup…

You hear all these things when someone just breaks up with you. “He wasn’t the one.” “You deserve better.” “He was talking to another girl anyway.” “You’ll get over it.” Yet none of these make you feel better in the slightest. They make you ache a bit more. Don’t forget his friends will try to mess with you or even go to the extent of telling you to kill yourself. I’m not going to say it doesn’t hurt because it hurts more than anything. Your heart is shattered and you’re cautiously picking up the fragile pieces. Coping with heart break is never easy. Especially since social media came into play. Now all your relationship business is out there for millions to see. I live in a generation where we base relationships on the approval of others through social media. That’s the number one thing that ruins relationships, but it also makes it ten times worse when that relationship ends. People will get one side of the story. Right now I’m labeled as the lying manipulative b****. If you read my last blog, you’ll see what happened. Now I have his friends bashing me in any way they can. I told my friends to back off and no bad mouthing him. I don’t do that and they should respect me enough to also. Either way it’s like I’m the villain and he’s the damsel yet, if his friends truly knew what happened, they would realize it was ridiculous. Right now I’m hurting more than I can truly express. I feel this void in my chest. I feel empty. Shattered more than I was before. Can someone stay around long enough to love me regardless of my flaws while I fix myself?


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