Ending a romance…

People come into your life for many reasons. Friendships, relationships, maybe even family, but most are lessons that are just stopping by for a moment. You learn new emotions and how to cope with loss. After my first love I never thought i would love again. Sad fact is I did recently. I thought so much of him and will most likely never say anything horrible about him. We had our problems like any relationship would. He couldn’t handle how truly broken I was inside and that’s fine. Not many will ever stick around due to the fact I run and hide my true feelings. I always say, “I’m fine.” When in actuality I’m far from it. I guess that was breaking point for him. The little white lie of not saying how I truly was or at least that was the excuse he gave me. Maybe I’ll never know the truth behind why he left, but I do know now that my heart was able to love after my first love. He taught me that no matter how much you love or want somebody, they’ll break their promises and leave easily. I wish him nothing, but happiness and success in life. For him to achieve all the dreams he once told me about. I’ll forever keep the secrets he told me. It’s bitter sweet in a way. Maybe I’m one heart break closer to my one. Either way it ended and I can only blame myself for not opening up like I should, but if they walk away that easily, it was maybe best that I didn’t. Broken promises, heart broken tears. Until the next chapter of romance occurs, I’ll do my healing of the wound on my heart.


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