Is life against me?

I tend to notice the happier I am, the more bad things come my way. My positivity is getting drained from the things around me. I’ve let go of so many people in my life, solely on the fact of them being toxic to my life, but still things don’t ever work my way. I try my best and hardest at everything I do. Sometimes it doesn’t seem enough. It makes me disappointed at times, but I realized long ago that being upset gets you nowhere. Moping around gets you nowhere. The only thing that has ever gotten me anywhere was my positive mindset and to keep going no matter what knocks me down. I can’t say I’m perfect, (I’m far from it.) but I would like to say I never give up when I have something in mind. Accomplishing something is so satisfying. Either way I do have days I feel the world is out to get my happy spirit. That leaves to me feel, is my own life against me?


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