A different mindset?

We all have some part of us that can’t get over the past. Maybe even a part of us that doesn’t want to see the future. Either way we tend to worry way too much about something uncontrollable. You can try all you want to make everything go your way. Sad fact is life will always take its course, whether it’s in our favor or not. Expect the unexpected. It seems impossible, but in a strange way it makes sense. Anything can change in a matter of minutes without any control. We over think. Over react. Take a breath for a minute and look what’s right in front of you. A life that you live. It may not be perfect, but you make the best out of it that you can. Don’t go looking for happiness, make it! Be positive. Although we can’t control life, we do control our reaction to each situation we come across. Why not be positive about it? A different mindset perhaps?


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