Never get too attached…

In relationships it always seems one person loves the other more. They may say they don’t, but in reality one DOES always love the other more. It’s crazy to think that I may always be the one who loves the other more. I’ve been here in the past and trust me, my heart broke pretty badly. 3 years down the drain in an instant. You blame yourself, not feeling good enough, questioning whether or not you did something wrong. It makes your insecurities pop up. I guess you could say I’ve always been the clingy type of girlfriend. I tend to check up on how you’re doing daily, if you ate, and so on. I also get jealous very easily because I’ve had people take previous guys I was with. It made my insecurities build over time the more it happened. In some short of messed up mentality you blame yourself when a relationship ends. The one who walks away easily is perfectly fine while the one who loved more is broken and crying. (That would be me.) I always get left constantly by anyone who I catch feelings for. I’ve only been in love once before this. I am in love now, but I feel our relationship is back to square one. Back to walls and guards being up. Back to scared of new feelings being developed. Lastly back to getting to know someone, but in a way you do because let’s be honest you knew them. Their mentality changed though, so you have to work through all the obstacles again. You’re hurt and back to square one. You loved more than they did. Now your heart is cracking. Never get too attached to someone who doesn’t love as much as you do. Never get too attached period. Never get too attached?


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