A chill day?

Taking time for yourself is very important. Stressful life and all the other things that go on in the day. Sometimes you just need a break! Older Generations like to tell us that we shouldn’t be worried about our future and that we’re young, but what they don’t understand is it’s not back to when they were young. Their generation was full of the American dream, white picket fence and family. Even their school fees and tuition we’re all cheaper than the average education is now. Sometimes I think that they don’t understand what we go through because the whole economic system and the whole government is all different now. Being 20 in this generation is literally hell. They think that we can go to school and get out and find a job easily. What they don’t understand is the student loan debt, searching for a new job, but needing experience when you have none. Does that even make sense for someone who just came out of college? I feel like they don’t understand that everything in the world is different now and we’re advancing every single day. Now what I was saying before, we 20 year olds need a break sometimes too. We stress more than any other generation that we have before us and more Generations after us are going to be just as distraught. What can we do to prevent that? Is there a way at all? All we can do now is take it day-by-day, but what about our future and our worries and our crazy lives that we have ahead of us. Let’s take a chill day? Do we have time for that? Are we just stuck in an endless loop hole of stressing until our last breath?


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