Confused over you

​The thing about love is, I don’t know whether someone is being real with me. Are they even being completely honest or is it just a good show? I never know until the very last minute. That’s when my heart starts to break. Except this time it’s worse. I’m feeling shattered. My heart is becoming little pieces that won’t be able to glue back together. How can he hurt me like that? I told him about my past. He said he wouldn’t be them, would treat me like they did, but guess who is hurting and crying? Let me give you a hint. It’s not him. I feel so lost because I thought we were happy and good. We were doing so well. He told me he loved me. Was that a lie too? Promises are being broken. Yet mine are still in tact. I don’t know what to do besides wait for a response. Will I be left again? Used again…


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